Experience a new tab with creative clocks and a personal dashboard that focuses on your every day activity

Clock New Tab is a pretty designed start page with various clocks that you can choose in the option menu. To make the Start Page more customized there is added an opportunity to choose background color as a part of clock fond. Such simple design of the start page enriched with a convenient layout of the most popular apps and services. Among the useful buttons there are email, history, downloads, apps in a new tab.

Easy access to bookmarks are available in the New Tab. Use the search option for bookmarks to open needed websites quickly. Filter saved site just in the homepage.

It's such a lovely homepage for everyone who wants to enjoy a refreshed and renewed start page with nice clocks as a background and useful features as a good functional. Clock New Tab focuses on the everyday activities, therefore most popular tabs are located in easy access to provide the best experience for its users.

Try Clock New Tab to feel its convenience and beautiful design especially for your style. Modern and advanced, excellent and superior, all these and even more about an updated homepage with voiced name Clock New Tab.

Install right now, recommend it for friends and leave us 5 stars!

ClockTab is a simple solution for the users preferring Bing search and not interested in the detailed setup process of the browser.

Once installed your default search is changed to Bing until the extension is removed. This project is proudly developed by the dedicated team of a T.M.D.S. TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED. All rights for the technology, design, and content developed belong to their respective owners.